Jordan High Beetdiggers: Class of 1991

Sandy, Utah

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Senior Wills

The Broadcaster - 31 May 1991

Help Us Find Missing Classmates

Just because the 20-year reunion has come and gone, we still need to find our missing classmates so we make sure they know about the next one!

If you know how to get any of the following classmates in contact with us,
please have them contact Jeff Litster at:


... or you contact me and tell me how to get hold of them ...

77 missing
Andy Angell
Wayne Atwood
Kelly Balser
Jennifer Bergstrom
Jeremy Brady
Shelby C. Bruehl
Matt Carlson
Rich Chamberlain
Bountang Chantharong
Phung Chau
Chris Childs
Ryan Christensen
Tandie Cox
Shane Dickerson
Tracie Dominguez
George Durvis
Trent Edwards
Russell D. Espin
Marie Flores
Jessica Fullmer
Doug Garmer
Shaun Goulding
Jennifer Greer
Bryce Hall
Brian L. Hansen
Darvel Hansen
Ryan Hansen
Mike Hart
Jason Haynes
Kevin Hendrickson
Seime Hoffman
Jared Kelsley
Duk Hyo Kim
Souridet Kongsayasane
Camie Kuehn
Cal Kunz
Mathilda Lavulo
Qui Ly
Chris Lynch
Michael Martin
Deena McCoy
Carlos Montoya
Philip Moore
Brandy Mounteer
Loren Nielsen
Misty Nielsen
Keith Nielson
Dustin Paxman
Lori Peckham
Ruth Perenoud
Scott Phillips
William Pola
Brigette Rasmussen
Angela Reed
Misty Reyes
Jennifer Schulz
Lori Scott
Jason T. Seidel
Pam Shaw
Philip J. Smalley
Greg S. Smith
Casey Snow
Bryan D. Stewart
Lance Stoddart
Ashley Thompson
Hue Trinh
Nga Tu
Chanxay Vongphamany
Nchanxzy Vongphamany
Brett Witkamp
Michael T. Zaccaria
Christina M. Buck (Causer)
Heather K. Doyle (Fernandez)
Nicole Dunlap (Dunlap)
Joanna Keele (Powe)
Kel Southanonpdeth (Sourivong)
Cindy Young (Jacobson?)

20-Year Reunion Slideshow (2011)

By Heidi Steineckert (Alldredge)

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15-Year Reunion Photos (Friday - dinner) (2006)
15-Year Reunion Photos (Saturday - park) (2006)

We Love Jordan High School

MP3's of songs from our Senior Year

We Love Jordan High School - tape cover
Keep Us In Your Heart (MP3)
(from our Senior Assembly)
Written and performed by Terraza Judd
We Love Jordan High School (MP3)
Rapped by Tyler Garrison
Vocals: Terraza Judd
Additional Vocals: Jeremy Hansen, Terraza & Carla Judd, Cindy Patocka, Ryan Tarr